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tv   Question Time  CSPAN  March 10, 2014 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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people get for our budget, i think, is just enormous. taking our enforcement division alone, and we have a lot of divisions that oversee the markets, trading and markets in different divisions. i guess 1300 of our 4000 in enforcement. math, actually do the that would be over $2 million per employee who did that. eachrms of those metrics, person we have is returning over $2 billion. that is just the beginning of it . that is a way to see it starkly. we are overseeing the stock markets, the exchanges. we are writing the rules for wall street. we're looking at those financial statements that come in from those public companies. tremendous.
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>> mary jo white. we are out of time. i thank you very >> thank you. -- i thank you. >> for free transcripts or to give your comments about this program, visit us at q and programs are also available as c-span podcasts. >> next, british prime minister david cameron taking questions from members of the house of commons. after that, a discussion about the ukraine from the conservative political action conference. on the next "washington
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journal," nancy cook will talk about the jobs report and anti-poverty programs. alex wayne looks at the health care laws delay on older health care plans. as always, we will take your calls. you can join the discussion on facebook and twitter. that is live at 7 a.m. eastern on c-span. on wednesday, prime minister david cameron talks about the situation in the ukraine, and relations with russia and the european union. he says the u.k. will withdraw from preparations for the g-8 summit and reschedule for june in sochi, russia. the u.k. national interest is that the rule of law is upheld. this is about 35 minutes.
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>> order. questions for the prime minister. prime minister. >> mr. speaker, this morning i have meetings with colleagues and others. in addition to my duties in this house, i shall a further such meetings later today. >> local conservative councils from north hampton to telegraph are minding this campaign. they have also ported this proposal. , inine years in parliament have never heard of a development that had so much public support. for the prime minister use his best efforts to make sure that the outcome is announced as soon as possible? >> i know my honorable friend
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campaigns vigorously for his constituents and for job creating developments like this one, as i'm sure he is aware, i am not able to get involved in specific learning decisions, but i understand a decision will be made as soon as possible. that will take into account all the representations. >> ed miller band. -- the wholeker, country has been watching events in the ukraine with great concern. are these russian actions completely without justification? does he agree that these actions ought to be condemned unreservedly across international community? withrst of all, i agree the right honorable just --
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gentlemen, that what russia has done is completely out of the legal order. the rule of law must be upheld. territorial integrity must be respected. stability is a vital part of our long-term economic land. our aim is to deter further russian military action and two de-escalate the situation. he is completely right to say that the action should be condemned by the whole world. >> i'm sure we agree there must be continuing pressure on the russian government area i will come to that issue. given the fragility of the situation on the ground, does the prime minister believed that one important outcome from these lead to direct high-level talks between russia and ukraine? >> in order to de-escalate the situation, the most important thing that should be arranged is a forum for discussion in which
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the russians and ukrainians can speak to each other. there have been some contacts between russian and ukrainian ministers. this morning there are meetings taking place in paris covering other issues as well. there has been some progress in putting together a contact group , an idea that i proposed to the polish prime minister back in january, to start having a group of countries around russia and ukraine to encourage such dialogue. that is the single most important thing that could help de-escalate the situation. >> clearly, we all hope for a good outcome from those talks. the eu also has a crucial role to play. does he agree that the eu must show it is up to the task of dealing with the biggest security crisis on its continental since kosovo? given the uk's position, can he tell us space -- specifically what will happen tomorrow?
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that theimportant european union shows a unity of purpose and a clear voice tomorrow at the leaders meeting. i think we need to be absolutely wherethat the status quo, russian troops are outside their bases in the crimea, is unacceptable areas as i said, consequences need to follow from that. that is why we have suspended preparations for the g-8 meeting. indeed, it is hard to see in these current circumstances how a meeting can properly go ahead. we have withdrawn royal visits and ministerial visits to the sochi paralympic games. there are further steps we should consider, even as we look at the current status quo. we also need to consider what what lyrical, economic and diplomatic steps can be taken to discourage russia from taking further steps in terms of dismembering the territorial integrity of the
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ukraine. >> i completely share his view. let me arranged -- let me raise another issue. the time of the invasion in armies in 2008, russian cannot march into other countries while russian shoppers carry on marching into shops. we should make sure that there are restrictions so that rush is clear on the consequence of its actions. weand we look at the steps can take, nothing should be off the table. we have already taken some important steps in terms of the ukrainian corrupt oligarchs in making sure their assets are properly dealt with, including here in the u.k.. we should not rule out other things in the future. i think there are those steps we should take in respect of the
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unacceptable situation and then agree with our european partners and american partners. i will be speaking with president obama and meeting with angela merkel and francois hollande to discuss further steps. >> we welcome further talks. does he agree that part of the way forward is providing the ukraine with that support, while making clear to them that government needs to protect the rights of the russian speaking public in the ukraine. >> i think it is important that this should not be seen as a tug-of-war between the european union and russia. we should be in favor of the ukrainian people being able to choose their own future. in my view, this has been as
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much about the ukrainian people wanting to lean towards a better relationship with the eu as wanting to get rid of the appalling levels of corruption they have had to put up with in their government. that is the key thing. it is absolutely welcome that the foreign secretary was the first international leader to go to kiev and meet with the ukrainian leaders. made two important points. they must make sure they have an inclusive set of institutions and rules and laws and the ukraine and they do not discriminate against minorities are russian speakers, but also that we stand ready as members of the european union, as leading players in the international monetary fund, to help the ukraine in its hour of need. there are all sorts of steps that the new ukrainian government will have to make to make that possible, but if they can do that we should stand by them in their hour of need. welcome providing all necessary support for the
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ukrainian government. all of us recognize that this is a dangerous moment in international security. diplomacy,ation of resolve and the international that is the best hope for securing them for this crisis. whatam very grateful for what you have said this morning. tomorrowo see a voice of unity and clarity from the countries of the european union, not always easy to get when there are 20 different nations around the table. it is also very welcome that there is such a clear and unified voice going out from this house. to say to the russian government what you have done is wrong, what you have done should not be allowed to stand, and there should be costs and consequences, not only for what is been done already, but further costs and consequences if you take this further. >> last week, a judge sentenced
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a man for 29 years in prison for causing the death by dangerous driving of two teenage girls. is four yearst per life, does the prime minister agree that it is high time we visit again a maximum sentence for causing death by dangerous driving? the point he raises is indeed an issue that was raised at prime minister's questions last week. as i said then, i think it is important that the lord chancellor's department look carefully at what more we can do to make sure we send the clearest possible message about the unacceptability of this crime. >> last july, the prime minister rightly promised legislation banning internet rate. can he explain to parents -- rape porn. rnet
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>> we made an announcement to i think we do have a good record about putting in place stronger internet filters while working with the industry to make sure that searches for unacceptable terms can't be made, and for separate steps banning this type of material. in 2000 and nine -- in 2009, there were many youths out of work. last month that number almost passed [indiscernible]
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-- so we never again see the mastiff -- see the massive waste of [inaudible] my colleague is absolutely right. we should advertise to businesses the advantages of taking on apprentices. what we need to see during this parliament is 2 million apprenticeship starts. that is what we are aiming for. 1.6 have already -- 1.6 million have already taken place. we want to see many more apprentices. we want to see smaller firms coming forward and taking on the first apprentice. 2006, a girl and her brother died of carbon monoxide poisoning at a hotel in greece. after seven agonizing years, the inquest is about to begin.
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refusedl aid agency has the family funding to be represented at the inquest. try toay, thomas cook prevent the inquest from even taking place. will the prime minister meet with me and the parents to hear why it is imperative that the parents are legally represented at this inquest so the full facts are learned surrounding their children's death so that no other british family suffers a similar tragedy when they take their children on holiday? >> i do remember. appalling that it has taken so long for inquest to take place. when you have lost a child, you want to know the answers of why it happened and whether it could have been prevented. for themust be learned future. i am content to arrange a meeting that she talks about to help in this case and to make sure that the foreign office doesn't excellent job at helping people when they're dealing with issues overseas.
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unemployment has dropped from 3.4%. youth unemployment has gone from 6.3% to 4.4%. with the prime minister agree with me that chancellor's long-term economic plan is working? thanking join me in -- braintree council and acknowledge all the hard work they are doing in encouraging businesses to hire young people? has ahonorable friend strong track record of campaigning and fighting for these issues. he cofounded the million jobs campaign. let's recognize the fact that we have created more than one million new jobs under this government. one of the things my honorable friend was pushing for was the -- was that under 21 should not have to pay national insurance
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contributions when they are employed. that is something brought in during the autumn statement. that will make a huge difference. the braintree jobs fair has made a difference locally. i know that the party opposite seems to groan when they noticed that the unemployment numbers are dropping. it is a very welcome sign that our long-term economic land is working. does the prime minister share my astonishment at the decision that the yesterday train service which covers the whole of the north of england is to lose one in eight of its trains, which are to be transferred to chilton rail for the great comfort and convenience of commuters in the south of england? [applause]
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[laughter] [general noise] aware that services are already much overcrowded? >> order. quite a simple issue of courtesy. the gentleman will be heard however long it takes. to -- this may be a laughing matter, it is certainly not a laughing matter to people in the north of england. can he bear in mind that this decision has made without the agreement of the [indiscernible]
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company? >> the prime minister, order. the question was frankly too >> i will look very carefully at that point the right old gentleman makes. we have plans to electrify the rail line. we are going ahead with the northern hub that will also make a difference. these are big steps forward. i hope he won't find it too cheeky if i point out that the lines , the cotswolduse , he also enjoys a double track line.
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>> not me? >> no, not you. [laughter] time, if the honorable gentleman is lucky. [laughter] >> my thanks to the prime minister for securing [inaudible] [indiscernible] -- for supporting apprenticeships. huge pleasure to visit and see the quality of the apprenticeships that the systems are offering in building aircraft. i can give him my assurance that i will go on banging the drum for british exports, including defense exports. he had very good progress with the order from oman, which will
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safeguard jobs in his constituency. frankly, i was criticized for taking defense on tractors on trade missions overseas. they don't think it is appropriate. i think it is appropriate. >> will the prime minister and the speculation on the future of the hunting act i confirming that he does not intend to repeal or amend the act by removing the limit on the number of bullets that can be used? >> this will properly be a matter for the house of commons. what is happened is that a group of welsh members and other members of parliament have looked at a particular type of pest control. they are making a proposal. that proposal will be properly examined by the parliament, and in the end the house of commons will be able to decide.
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>> further, and during national apprenticeships week, we should celebrate the fact that last year half a million people began an apprenticeship, nearly double in 2000er that started 9-2010. we should not rest there. as a prime minister agree with me that we should do more to incentivize schools to promote , but also get employers to come forward with apprenticeships for young people. i --e point that here but as you know have discussed is to make sure that we're getting the clearest possible information to her young people in schools about the choices they can make. i think the academic art of a levels has been well set out and well understood, including all by british teachers. we needed understood what the vocationales are for
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education and apprenticeships. you don't have to choose long-term, you can carry out an continueeship and earning and learning at the same time. year is theer, this eu job of tackling food waste. considering the huge number of people who cannot afford to feed themselves, will the prime minister throw his weight behind efforts to reduce food waste? important tot is tackle the issue of food waste. there are a number of important and debate centered and held in this house and westminster about this issue. the most important thing in terms of helping people with weekly budgets is to make sure we keep growing the economy, we keep getting people back to work, we keep creating jobs, and also we keep the polls taxes down so they have more of their own money to spend as they choose. >> mr. speaker, over the last
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few months in somerset, we have -- this week, we will reduce the local strategy. that shows that long-term local management of the rivers cannot ofmet within the constraints local government finance. will he commit to me that whatever needs to be changed he willchanged and that give a sustainable management in the future? >> i will commend all of the somerset mps for working together extremely well in bringing together agencies to come up with a long-term solution for the people of somerset. i agree that the cameras and the press have now departed and it is important we do not take our eye off the important issue of draining the somerset levels. i look forward to the report from him and his colleagues as
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to what should be done. >> we have known for months now are ine departments trouble. now we find that ambulances have been stuck in queues outside hospitals. we need to get a grip on this issue more quickly. >> the point i would make is that we have met the a and e wintermore times this than when the health secretary was sitting in the cabinet with that responsibility. i would commend what are doctors and nurses in the a and d departments have done, because you're coping with about 1.2 million more a and e a tendencies every year than when we came to power in 2010. i think they have done magnificent work, and they're doing it on the basis of having not only many thousand more. ears, but i can tell the house we now have in the nhs, 2000 more nurses than in 2010.
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that is more nurses in our nhs that at any time since i've ever stood here. as a record this government can be proud of. arrows hasage of fewer than 300 houses. the local authorities have given permission for just over 100 new houses there. the planning inspector will impose 500 -- will impose 504 houses in the village against the wishes of the local mp and the local authority and the local people. will my friend look again at the workings of the planning inspectors to ensure that from now on the planning inspector puts the wishes of local people at the as he intended? >> i will look very carefully at the specifics that the right honorable member rings to the
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house. the point i would make is this, that under the localism act, local authorities are able to produce a local plan and get which will give greater control over what is built and where. in the meantime, things are judged against the national planning policy framework, which does have protections for green belt. it doesn't system going ahead with bryan feels developments. it does take into account pre-existing local plans. if that needs to be clarified, then clarify we will. northern counselors should stop doffing their cats -- their caps in hopes of a handout. funding for liverpool and sheffield were illegal. what does all of this say about the government? >> what i would say is of course liverpool, the city she represents, as it huge needs in
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terms of funding. i believe the funding that it gets reflects those needs. if you look at the spending per dwelling in liverpool for 2014, it is 2595 pounds per dwelling. herously, the needs of constituency are much greater than the needs of my constituency. that is a full 700 pounds more then it is in my constituency. i don't believe the people in liverpool are being shortchanged. there properly funded for the services they need. -- they are properly funded for the services they need. asaph ago cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in cancer is- esophageal one of the fastest growing cancers in the west third any
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people are unaware that difficulty swallowing is a sign of this terrible disease. thecan we make sure that nhs has resources to diagnose it early or? >> my friend is right to raise the issue of how we increase awareness of cancer, because that has important effects in terms of early diagnosis. nhs england is currently running a pilot to raise awareness about esophageal and stomach cancers. we are committing more than 450 million pounds in additional funding to support this early diagnosis. the absolute key is making sure more people have their cancer discovered from trips to the gp and from their own inspections and self-awareness rather than finding out these things in emergency, often when it is too late. almost one million young people unemployed here in the u k.
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>>my country, since 2010 -- the audacity to even suggest that his party -- >> let me give him the figures for the northeast since the last election. there are 24,000 more people at work in the northeast. there are 40,000 more private sector jobs then since last election. he is shouting because he does not want to hear the answer. honorable gentleman should not be shouting. he asked the question, let him hear the answer. asking about the massive expansion in sunderland. he to be caught talking -- he could be talking about the new train factory in the northeast.
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more importantly than these figures is a fact that every single job means another family with a pay packet, with the stability, with the security, and with the peace of mind, which is what this government is all about. >> a small family run business that is taking on apprentices. bt is creating a hundred new apprenticeships. with me that learning while you are learning is great for young people. they're building skills that are solution of our long-term turnaround. big companies are taking on apprentices in larger numbers. encouragenge is to small and medium-sized enterprises in britain to take
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on apprentices, too. we need to make it simpler. we need to make sure that it pays, and we need to advertise to promote to these companies what a great job prentice ships can do for them and the country. apprenticeships can do for them and the country. [inaudible] [indiscernible] >> of course there are still too many people unemployed in our country. the fact is there are 1.6 million new private sector jobs. big cuts in unemployment, big reductions in the claim and carry. also, with half of filion -- -- withf the million
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half a million people fewer relying on unemployment benefits. youth unemployment went up by 45%. instead of giving lectures, they should be making an apology. >> in recognizing greater success at the oscars, with the prime minister join me in congratulating the arts university where city graduates help with the design of that amazing british film, "gravity." also, the digital media is to be recognized. >> he is right about all of those things. haveniversity does
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excellent courses that have helped us to build up the british postproduction and facilities industry which is now so busy helping to create these blockbuster films. it is very good news to see that not only are we winning oscars for british films, but actually the british studios are full to bursting point making movies, and also the facilities industry and the postproduction industry is now leading the world. we need to go on in this industry. also helping television and continuing to back the filming tax credits. recently, private companies have gone burst. does the prime minister agree nhs the best way to protect resources is to extend information to private companies bidding for nhs contracts and by predatorysion
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private health-care companies? >> obviously, i will look at the individual case and he raises. this government is putting 12 point 7 billion pounds into the nhs. i don't believe that we should rule out saying that other organizations cannot help to deliver nhs services. at a hospital in cambridge, it is providing much better services because of the changes we have made. look at what he says about the freedom of information request, but i think it is important that we have a health service that can access the best of both public, private and voluntary. >> it is good news that the prime minister has resuscitated plans for a recall bill. can he confirm that he intends to push ahead with a genuine system of recall, and not fall back on the deputy prime minister, which is recall in name only?


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